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Students explore the history of immigration to the United States, discuss the challenges and opportunities that immigrants encounter when settling in the United States, and consider the role that immigration has played in the building of U.S. society.

#immigration         #integration         #citizenship         #ushistory

What is the meaning and value of civil liberties? Students examine a historical case study and draw parallels to modern issues.

#civilliberties         #equity         #civilrights   

This lesson examines the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy and why civic engagement is important for the functioning of democratic societies.

#civicengagement         #activism         #action         #community

Justice & Reconciliation

Students investigate the meaning of justice, the roles that justice and reconciliation play in society, and various historical and modern-day movements for social justice.

#justice    #reconciliation    #socialjustice    #injustice


Through self-reflection and discussion, students explore and refine their ideas about leadership, such as the characteristics of effective leadership and how to best foster those qualities in themselves and others.

#leadership        #teamwork        #compromise        #civility
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U.S.–Japan Relations

Students learn about U.S.–Japan relations through several specific themes and then consider the role that individuals—and they themselves—can play in bridging together different communities, societies, and cultures.

#USJapan    #bilateralpartnership    #internationalrelations    #buildingbridges


This website provides six different lenses to examine this central question: 
what does it mean to be an American?
But before you jump into the lessons below, listen to how President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush answered this question.

U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush offered some of their reflections on what it means to be an American. Which of their comments resonate with you? Why? 

What do you think it means to be an American? What are one or two aspects that you think are most essential to being American? Why?

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