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What Does It Mean To Be An American?

Developed by the Mineta Legacy Project in partnership with SPICE (Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education), this free educational curriculum offers six lessons for educators, high school students, and college students to examine what it means to be American.

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Six Lessons on Key Issues
Civil Liberties & Equity
Civic Engagement
Justice & Reconciliation
Our Mission

Educating tomorrow's leaders so they are empowered as authentically engaged Americans.

We simply want to help students maximize their potential and become engaged people who do great things. 

By sparking conversations about identity and history, we hope to go beyond the four walls of a classroom and teach meaningful lessons that are relevant to our lives today.

Lessons encourage class discussion and critical thought through activities that emphasize deeper thinking. Engagement is supported through video, strong imagery, and interactive components.

Discussions to encourage exchange of ideas
Close-up readings to promote deeper thinking
Interactive activities to reinforce learning

The lessons can be easily shared to an LMS, Google Classroom, or downloaded as PDF, making it seamless for teachers to access and distribute the resources they need. 



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A modern world demands modern learning.

Lessons are accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so students can fit learning around their lives.

Our Lessons

Our six standards-aligned lessons provide for powerful learning that connects to students’ lives and showcase a diverse range of American voices—from young adults to former U.S. Presidents.

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