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What Does It Mean To be an American?

In this introduction we hear from President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush about what being American means to them, and ask some core questions about what it means to be American today.


In this lesson, explore the history of immigration to the United States, discuss the challenges and opportunities that migrants encounter when settling in the United States, and consider the role that immigration has played in the building of U.S. society.

Civil Liberties & Equity

What is the meaning and value of civil rights? Examine the historical case studies and draw parallels to modern issues.

Civic Engagement

This lesson examines the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy and why civic engagement is important for the functioning of democratic societies.

Justice & Reconciliation

Examine modern-day social justice issues, the role that justice and reconciliation play in society based on the lessons learned and the role that the Japanese American Redress Movement played in the Japanese American community and American society broadly.

What are the characteristics of effective leadership and how do we foster these qualities in ourselves and others? Explore and reflect on the concept of leadership and characteristics of effective leaders through the lens of your own life experiences.

Leadership &


Introduction to U.S.–Japan relations, the value of this enduring bilateral partnership, and examination of key issues in contemporary U.S.–Japan relations with video interviews of prominent leaders who serve as bridges between the United States and Japan.



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