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Welcome to “What Does It Mean To Be An American?,” a free web-based curriculum designed for high school and college level students. It was developed by curriculum experts at Stanford University and each lesson fulfills a variety of curriculum standards.

  1. Create a login to have access to the Teacher side of the curriculum. Then hover over the Teachers button at the top of any page, and select a lesson from the drop-down menu.

  2. On the Overview page, check out the Lesson Introduction page to see the lesson’s organizing questions and objectives.

  3. Go back to the Overview page and click on the Materials and Teacher Preparation page to see what equipment, materials, and instructions you’ll need for the different components of that lesson. Also note that you can use this page to print handouts as either a PDF or Google Doc.

  4. Go back to the Overview page and browse through the Close-Up readings, Activities, Videos, and Assignments to select what you’d like to teach your students.

  5. In the classroom, you can direct students to the web page you’d like them to visit or project the pages on a screen for everyone to see at the same time.

Video Tutorials

Getting Started with “What Does It Mean To Be An American?"