​Materials & Teacher Preparation

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In this download center you can access, download or print copies of handouts, activities, and discussion-related materials you will need to make this lesson a success. We recommend the following class preparation.


  • Computer with Internet access (for teacher)

  • Computers with Internet access (for student research on Day Two)

  • Computer projector

  • Speakers


Teacher Preparation

Instructions and materials are based on a class size of 30 students. Adjust accordingly for different class sizes.

  1. Make appropriate number of copies of all handouts.

  2. Read Teacher Information sheets in preparation for leading classroom discussions.

  3. Set up and test computer, projector, speakers, and videos (available online) before starting the lesson. Confirm that you are able to play and project the videos with adequate audio volume.

  4. Before Day Two, ensure that computers are available for in-class student research.


Day One

Teacher Information 1

pp. xx

pp. xx

Handout 1

pp. xx–xx, 30 copies

pp. xx–xx, 30 copies

Projection 3

pp. xx

pp. xx–xx, 30 copies

Day Two

pp. xx–xx, 30 copies

pp. xx–xx, 30 copies


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